About UDG Management

Software development company with talented, motivated people, working as

a team, and sharing a common vision, where every member contributes and

makes a difference.

About UDG Management

Short History Of UDG Management

Despite the worldwide pandemic and challenges that it created for the IT community, Udg Management started 2021 confidently. In January, the company became a member of Software Group, Swedish development and IT consulting company. Also, Udg Management has delivered multiple successful projects and launched a new in-house development service – B2B digital banking solution.

UDG Management continues to develop in-house expertise. A full-fledged business analysis department was built within the company. The team has grown to 100+ specialists. In addition, projects for implementing blockchain technology in the Fintech industry such as Securitize, Xion, and Biteeu have been added to the company’s portfolio. As a result, Udg Management has entered the list of top blockchain development companies according to Techreviewer and Clutch.

UDG Management Mission

Company Mission & Values

Our mission is to create a more innovative world, by collaborating with talented, motivated people, working as a team, and sharing a common vision, where every member contributes and makes a difference.

Our values are carved on the cornerstone of our first – then yet virtual office of a small family-size company – and they have been all about people and their beliefs. Believing in ourselves and in what we want to do. Caring for who and what we want to be, has forged fittings to the virtual shield we hung on the door of our real huge office in the historical center of our hometown. So here we reside now keeping doing what we love and loving what we do.

Internal Approach

Team work &

At Udg Management we believe in team spirit and mutual support. That’s why our corporate culture is based on family feelings and transparent communication on all levels. We don’t believe in aggressive competition, but we do believe in collaboration, teamwork, and daily improvements – the best recipe for an efficient working environment. Working as one big team, we value everyone’s contribution, and we always eager to invest in the professional and personal growth of each team member. We empower everyone to be proactive, never afraid to speak up and convey their point of vire, whether it’s about some project or the company and its workflow in general.

External Approach

Partnership & Outcome-
Driven Innovation

From the very beginning, the UDG Management team has been working with different business fields, startups, and medium enterprises, moreover, we have developed several own digital products. This experience helped us find the perfect balance between quality deliverables and tight market-driven deadlines. We believe that the real success of a project depends on the ability to incorporate business value and solution for a customer problem into a perfect agile development process, always taking into account the interests of both parties. Thus far we always provide the best outcome-driven solution for our customers, turning their ideas into a profitable business.

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